Couples Recovering from Sex & Love Addiction

The moment you discover your mates sexual secrets and betrayals is one you rarely forget.

From that point on nothing can ever be the same and everything you once knew and relied on is questioned and doubted.

Making matters worse, healing happens differently for each person. Each person can heal and recover, but unevenly and at different paces. Both feel less and less empathy for each other and struggle to understand the perspective of their partner which can make this already extremely painful situation even more intolerable.

When couples can acknowledge and appreciate that their healing is happening at different speeds and through their different experiences, they learn to accept and tolerate the path of each other with greater empathy and compassion. We know that greater empathy is at the root of healing a relationship and the basis of intimate love.

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Jennifer Josey LPC LMFT CSAT of Intuitive Pathways Recovery specializes in Sex Addiction Counseling Houston Texas, love addiction, recovery for couples from sex and love addiction, trauma resolution for partners of sex addicts and group therapy. Sexual addiction is a serious problem that affects people of all socioeconomic status, educational status, both males and females and even teenagers and preadolescent children.