Group Therapy

Men and women come together to share their experience, strength, and hope with each other so that they may overcome their sexual addiction and help each
other recover.

Group therapy is one of the most effective tools that can be used in a person’s addiction/co-addicted recovery. Each group member benefits immensely from the open, honest discussion of their peers who are on similar paths, whether it be for the sex addict or betrayed partner. Group therapy allows the clients to learn they are not alone through sharing their problems, struggles, and feelings with fellow group members. They learn through the open discussions to identify and dissolve defense mechanisms as well as develop a new level of intimacy.

In our group work, we begin to recognize that intimacy and sex are not the same thing. A person can have intimate friendships or relationships that are not sexual, and many sex addicts have learned that a person can have sex without being intimate. We learn that love and sex are separate entities and that building relationships on authentic connection and trust are the healing we are looking for and have always craved.

Do these characteristics relate to you?

A. Powerlessness over compulsive sexual behavior
B. Resulting unmanageability in your life
C. Preoccupation with sex leading to rituals, compulsivity, and despair
D. Feelings of shame, pain, guilt, and self-loathing
E. Failed attempts to stop acting out and continued broken promises
F. Increasing adverse consequences that you try to ignore, but don’t go away

Learning what intimacy is and cultivating healthy connections with ourselves and others is our work in recovery.

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